Ask a Director of Photography - Eric Anderson

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Known for his work on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, RoboCop, Deep Impact, The Arrival, Eric shares wisdom & answers questions.

Sunday October 10th 6-7PM PST, RSVP today.

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Eric Anderson, with over a 35-year career in the Camera Department from Loader to Director of Photography, has photographed features for Lifetime, documentaries for the History Channel, and commercial sequences on Robocop. Eric will share what he has learned about the biz, the people he has worked with, and the fascinating places he has traveled.

Known for his work on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Robocop, Deep Impact, The Arrival and working with legends such as

Melanie Griffith

Faye Dunaway

Martin Landau

Martin Sheen

Orson Welles

Muhammed Ali

Morgan Freeman

James Coburn

Joseph Cotton

Tipi Hedren

Whether working on a Hollywood blockbuster, or an intimate romance for cable TV, DP Eric Roy Anderson is always on his game. His knowledge and experience enable Eric to quickly get to the heart of an issue and suggest the best outcome. Anderson is a hard-working problem solver who still loves the field and finds joy in every project. Producers and directors know that he’s a team player whose mission is to bring the director’s vision to life – on time and on budget. Learn from the problems he has solved, the reality of a tough but rewarding industry.

You will be able to ask questions in advance and live online.

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Ask a Director of Photography - Eric Anderson

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